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Display remotely hosted HTML content as SCORM

Author - Pawandeep Kaur

How to display remotely hosted HTML content as SCORM package in Moodle, Totara or any other LMS?

SCORM requires the content to be served from the same domain as the SCORM player or the Learning Management System (like Moodle, Totara) in use otherwise it Read more…

Open specific local Outlook window from .msg file

Author - Harleen Kaur

C# : Triggering the Local Outlook for forward, reply and reply all actions from existing .msg file

For the desktop based applications when user is dealing with the store outlook files in msg format we can open local outlook when required.

In outlook when we open a email message Read more…

Problem – First submenu item same as main menu in WordPress

Author - Mamta Sharma

While implementing a custom plugin in wordpress, we can simply add submenu items for our plugin by this code:
public function PluginMenu()
$this->my_plugin_screen_name = add_menu_page(
‘My Reviews’,
‘My Reviews’,
array($this, ‘RenderPage’),
But in wordpress, if we add any submenu items to the plugin Read more…

Golden rules for programmers to write good code

Author - Mamta Sharma

Why we need to code properly because a well written code not only does its job well but is also easy to extend, maintain and debug. So here are some key points:

 1. Follow a consistent coding standard:

There are a lot of coding standards, follow one of Read more…

Adding Custom Fields to User Profile in WordPress

Author - Komal Dhiman

In WordPress, each user profile has many fields like first name,last name, website url etc which are almost sufficient to get the user information. We also have the user’s contact info like his email address but still sometimes situation arises when we need some extra information from the Read more…

Send bulk data from Salesforce to external API

Author - Webner

Scenario : We have the situation where we want to create a backup of all the contacts in Salesforce on daily basis to AWS S3. We are using PHP code to create files according to the desired criteria and upload them to AWS S3. A crucial step is to Read more…

Some Useful Developer tools and Extensions in the chrome browser

Author - Neelam Thakur

Every developer/designer should be aware of some developer tools and extensions available in the chrome browser.

Chrome developer tools provide deep visibility into the web pages. We can check layout, performance loading issues and also debug Javascript issues with breakpoints.

Accessing the DevTools :

Select the Read more…

What is Browser Webkit

Author - Kajal Marwaha

What is Webkit?

Webkit is also known as the browser engine and it renders the web pages containing Javascript, HTML and XML code and provides the visual representations. Webkit also manages the history of recently visited pages. Webkit powers browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari – the default Read more…

How to access and edit Adobe Captivate Quiz Pool Questions

Author - Kajal Marwah

There are two ways to edit the question content in Captivate question pool :

1. First way is by enabling custom workspace settings. You can enable workspace settings with these steps :

a.) Click on Edit>Preferences on top menu bar like this :

b.) After clicking preferences menu item following window Read more…

How does tabindex work in html form?

Author - Gopi Chand

Tabindex: The tabindex is used to define the sequence for the cursor to move from field to field in an HTML form, to have a control over this flow of the cursor. By default, tab takes the user to the next field created on the page Read more…

Server Side Jquery DataTable

Author - Parminder Kaur

Server Side Scripting is – when the user’s request is served by the script on the server to provide customized or dynamic data. Server-side processing on DataTables is that when all the DataTable functions like searching, ordering, pagination etc. are controlled by Server Side. This is used when we Read more…

jQueryUI Autocomplete: Select and Focus Events

Author - Ishpreet Kaur

It is already discussed “What is AutoComplete feature of jQueryUI” in one of my previous blogs. Please refer to following link for description of jQueryUI Autocomplete:

How to add font-awesome progress icon in textbox for autocomplete Jquery-UI plugin

Here, in this blog, I will Read more…

Git Learning | Branches, Tags and more

Author - Tanuj Sharma

Use of Branches:
You can create different branches of your working tree with different names. For example if you don’t want to make changes on your working tree (clone repository on your system) you can create a new branch and make changes in it, add new files Read more…

TCPDF | Generate PDF from HTML

Author - Preeti Bisht

Problem: FPDF which is a php class to generate pdf does not render many HTML tags like <style>,<img>. So it generates an unformatted pdf from HTML content.

Solution: TCPDF solves the problem of not rendering of HTML tags. It is a Read more…

Some GrapeJS Editor Customization Tips

Author - Umang Pasricha

GrapesJS is an open-source, Web Builder Framework to build HTML templates without any knowledge of coding.

Some tips for customizing GrapesJS Editor:

1. To add custom blocks in block manager.
Add this code to block manager json with other blocks:
id Read more…

CSS | Some good practices

Author - Neelam Thakur

Below are some CSS best practices that every developer and designer should follow to write better code.

Reset user agent stylesheet or default styling of the browser :

There are default CSS properties in website pages that come from “user agent” stylesheet. Every browser has its own Read more…

Add floating buttons with simple HTML and CSS

Author - Kuldeep Singh

Add float button with CSS and html without using any external library with on hover show/hide effect.

Mostly people use third party plugins or complex and unnecessary long css to add floating buttons, but we can create the same button with simple css and a single div Read more…

Document Spring based Restful API using Swagger

Author - Rita Sharma

Swagger is a very powerful tool to generate documentation of your Rest based web services API containing Spring annotations. You don’t need to add any type of comments to your code to generate documentation. It will pick the Spring annotations and will generate the documentation for you. Below are Read more…

Postgres | Function to remove HTML tags from text

Author - Kailash Kumar

Problem: How to create a function in Postgres that will remove HTML tags from a piece of text?

Solution: Create function in Postgres :

SELECT regexp_replace($1, ‘<[^>]*>’, ”, ‘g’)

How to use:Read more…

Dynamic CSS | How to start your project in SCSS

Author - Sukhpreet Singh

Before understanding how to maintain or start a project in SCSS we should understand what is SCSS and why it is used?

SCSS is a special type of file for SASS, a program written in Ruby that assembles CSS style sheets for a browser. SASS adds lots of Read more…

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